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Why is so special WEBLANCET CMS?

Simply and fast to use
- for the users
Since our principle was to make WEBLANCET CMS seem as simplier as possible, it's really easy and fast to use.
However, the possibilities are outstandingly wide, but our choice was to hide CMS complexity smartly under a plain and flexible interface.
The result - an outstanding creation with an user-friendly apporach - should convince everybody.

Swift administration tool
As soon as a user, owning a right to manage a website, logins into it, a special administration tool appears and keeps permanently visible in every website's page the user visits. To satisfy fast a sudden wish to modify a page, the administration tool makes its function and there's no need to look for a special administration page. Although, for the users, who prefer change elements having an intire website's structure in front of them, there's always a possibility to commit changes through the administration page.

Remembers and helps to come back - for the users
Another extraordinary possibility for which WEBLANCET CMS distinguishes itself is a really convenient changes revision. Information about:
  • an every change - a name of the username who realised the change, a change time and date.
  • a page's version which was active before a change. It's saved after the smallest change.
Moreover, it's not a simply revision, since a user can make active one of the former page's versions again.

Creates an agile website. Caching - for it's website visitors
Website visitors gain a huge advantage as well. Even if simple visitors have no influence for website creation process, and their only apporach is the information they get, WEBLANCET CMS saves their time. It's extremely convenient for often used and highly loaded websites.

Every page contains at least some data - it's its grafic view, textual information, tables, links, media. Therefore, every time somebody is opening a little bit more complicated page (complication is related to the data quantity), or there are a huge crowd of visitors, the CMS, used for that particular page, consumes many processor resources and that takes lots of time, indeed.

It happens if that system is not WEBLANCET CMS, because for this particular product we've chosen a time and recource saving solution - each time a visitor opens a page, the system does not generate it from the beginning (when all data is sent from a website's processor), but immediately shows a copy of the already generated page.
The main reason of this optimization is the ability of this CMS to make a copy of the page every time as soon as even the smallest modification is made by the page's editor. It's identic to the original version and is kept near the page, instead of being sent to the server's database.
In this way the page is supplied without additional system charge and data transfering, so there's no need to wait for hours until it would be loaded.

Definition of Lancet

Lancet: A small pointed knife; a surgical instrument with a short, wide, sharp-pointed, two-edged blade. The word "lancet" comes from the French "lancette." It is literally a miniature version of the lance once carried by knights jousting on horseback and, somewhat more recently, by mounted cavalry.

WEBLANCET is born to be a smart and a simple instrument to manage a website. It's medical meaning is related to the way this instrument works - to make its duty as accurately as possible and to leave a good result. In the same way as knights in the ancient times carried their lances with a precise objective, WEBLANCET is a product, destinated to follow its specific IT task.